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zeneffect - Ryzen 7 1700X @ 3999.1MHz - 8min 21sec 365ms SuperPi - 32M


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due to RTC right? well I DIDNT clock up or down in windows.

Sorry but somebody's 'word' is not good enough. That is why the rules were made.




my win7 times are better anyways.


Should have subbed them. This conversation wouldn't be happening then.


Let mods sort this out


They will. ;)

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In my testing I found that with a few reboots, I can get a nice 30-60 second bump in my 32M score thanks to the Win10 bug, don't have to change anything in Windows. I can do this pretty consistently too. Try it, you'll see. Like Mr.Scott says if your Win7 runs are better why didn't you post those ?? This had nothing to do with beating my score which I removed because it wasn't allowed.

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Thanks Allen!


32m scores are consistent every reboot, ive yet to get a slower score like on biostar. hpet enabled, no bclk changes (auto) and no multi changes (no ryzen master or other utilities installed)


not posting up windows 7 score because its friggin retarded. I'm working on something else right os wise now and will be reposting hopefully this weekend with a different board, cpu, and results. this result was posted as a benchmark for others to get started on AMD. not much competition going on with Ryzen and 32m ATM... maybe because of temporary OS limitation ;)



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