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Stelaras - Rage Fury MAXX @ 160/172MHz - 12020 marks 3DMark 99 Max

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Thank you both :)


Considering it's a dual CPU board it did great . I wasn't expecting to max-out the PLL at 180MHz to be honest . :D


Kotori-san , as i can tell by looking at your score , our runs were pretty close in efficiency . RDRAM doesn't help Pentium-III CPUs and performs close to SD-RAM .

I believe the main reason i got to 12K was because of the CPU . If i had your SH6 board i'm sure i would have scored way higher .

The 1000EB CPU was only at 2.05V & -30C . It was enough for booting , entering windows and running the benches . Totally stable at 180MHz FSB .


Thank you again for your kind words ! :)

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Zafiropo-san and Stelaras-san thank you for answering, i saw Zafi-san's post in my sub.

In the case of a single CPU I think wprime and hwbot prime is not so much affecting RAM clock and latency, pi and paifast will make a difference.

If dual cups, difficult runs 180mhz FSB in 440BX chip.

About External PLL mod, If P3C-D can fine-tune FSB(1mhz step) on bios or setfsb,

necessarily don't need a external controller, need only 14.138mhz crystal for real time clock and 16mhz or higher crystal and some resistor.

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Kotori-san , P3C-D has the ability to use 100 to 180 FSB with 3 Mhz steps . Maybe a different crystal is enough , but i don't know if USB would continue to work properly . I have a turbo-PLL solution almost ready to be used , but zafiropo didn't want to mess with his board! :P


I can also tell that board is slow . I tried some Spi1M runs but it's very slow compared to the BX chipset , so it just doesn't worth it (except for the benches that are not bandwidth hungry) .

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