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UCBench 2011 Beta Test


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UnRAR-crack is a free RAR password cracker. It employs various techniques to maximize cracking speed (e.g. using SSE2, SSSE3, etc. to test more passwords at once, and using multithreading to take advantage of multi-core/hyperthreaded processors).


UnRAR-crack benchmark uses the password cracking core of UnRAR-crack to test the performance of your system. It works by launching several thousand password checks and measuring the average testing speed, in passwords per second. It repeats the same procedure for different number of threads (up to the max your system can utilize), and using different crypto functions (SSE2-optimized, SSSE3-optimized, etc.). Using it, you can measure the SMP boost, the SSE unit performance, etc.


The whole benchmark takes a minute or two. After finishing, the program generates a report file. This file can be uploaded to the result database so you can compare your machine with your peers.


(~ http://anrieff.net/ucbench2011/)


Just came across this benchmark - looks pretty cool as it reminds me of the simplicity of PiFast :).


I've set up a beta-testing competition for this benchmark. Not much limitations: just a screenshot and a verification link needed. All is explained here:


To test the performance of your machine, follow these steps:


  1. Go to http://anrieff.net/ucbench2011/download.php and get a build for your OS (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X supported);
  2. Extract the .ZIP file somewhere and run the launcher;
  3. There you should fill in your "username" (e.g. the your nick from the forum) and motherboard model. The program automatically detects CPU type and speed, but you can override its guesses if you find they are incorrect :). You also can append more info in the large box (e.g. the full PC specs);
  4. Hit "Run". The test takes a minute or two.
    As always, it's best to turn off any powersaving features. Same for turbo modes, etc. CPU speed should be constant throughout the test;
  5. When ready, the test generates a file like report_XXX_X.txt in the directory where the launcher resides. To upload it to the result database, use the following link: http://anrieff.net/ucbench2011/upload.php. The database itself is here.


Have phun! The test depends mainly on CPU. Memory and mobo don't play much.


Link to the competition: http://hwbot.org/competition/ucbench2011


This competition is set up to allow community members to beta-test this new benchmark. Just like with Unigine Heaven, it's meant to uncover bugs or other problems. If you come across a problem, don't hesitate to post in the forums :).


Have fun!

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this is mine ;)


25 Mhz difference from cpu-z and benchmark in cpu speed.


cpu isn't detected correctly, it says only wolfdale core due duo (6M)



I hope it will be useful for you ;)

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I was positively surprised to see that it did work just fine on my old Pentium I. I did not take very long to run either. :-)

I wonder how cheat-proof it is though? I'd rather see that you add the distributed.net client benchmark to HWBot though (you can benchmark multiple OSes, CPU architectures and GPUs with a single benchmark and it is as simple as pifast). :-)

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