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DDR2 8500+ Wanted


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Hi guyz,


I have been searching for a pretty long time for some DDR2's, who could handle 1200Mhz or above.

Been trying to push E8400 beyond 550Mhz FSB, but my RAMs cant handle anything above 1110Mhz :/ which is pretty limiting.


Any advice or recommendation is welcome.



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i have some crucial tracer doing memtest86+ error free, ~ 1250 Mhz at 555-15 2.0 V (and ~1400 at 666-18 2.1V)


max frequency is achieved on strap 400 multi x3.33d on my UD3P boards.

with strap 333, coeff 2.4 or 3.2, that is not possible however, they top out at ~1150 Mhz 555-15 2.0 V


I have 1 crucial ballistix tracer kit I am ready to sell, 2 x 1 Gb.

how many gigs are you looking for? which board do you use?

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