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GeorgeStorm - Core 2 Duo E6700 @ 5711MHz - 8sec 922ms SuperPi - 1M


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Awesome CPU!


But the time is quite slow. You should be in 8.775-8.825 range at these clockspeeds.


Thanks, was just a random chip, only one I have.

That doesn't surprise me, efficiency has never been my forte hah.


It's definitely something I'll be trying to beat next session (if I can get the chip to work at those speeds again!)


Software or mem causing it do you reckon?

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Likely combination of all. Gigabyte P45 boards aren't exactly a symbol of efficiency, plus your OS might not really be optimised for 1M. You're not even running it minimised.


Fair enough I assumed it would probably be both :P


My knowledge of tweaks etc is very limited, I'll try to do some more research before I run this next time :)


The OS is the Perica_barii XP, but I have used it on multiple systems because I'm lazy so I guess it's lost a lot of any efficiency it once had.

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Well, would still be second place :)

I am not expecting for michel's time to be beaten in a lifetime. I'm not even trying to bin E6700.


Haha that was partially my mentality! Obviously I've spent very little time with the chip (tested on air for 2 mins to see what fsb it failed at and then a couple of hours on LN2), but I get the feeling his chip is faster, and the fact he's on a DDR3 board means I'd have an even harder task!

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