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Best Z97 motherboard for bclk overclocking


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The impact is also the best z97 board all around for cpu, it clocks cpu the best as well as clocking ram better than any other maximus board due to 2 dimm slots. I have one and it is a very good OC board, even with it's quirks.


squirks like dying prematurely? :D


offtopic, i am told M8I is great but tends to die quickly... unlike M9 Apex. Wonder if M7I has the same issues...

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No, I had more quirks like when I applied a profile that I had created it would do it with HT disabled and voltages set to auto no matter what was saved in the profile. Now for the voltages if I just switched it to manual mode it would still have the correct numbers set, I just would have to change it from auto to manual even after resaving the profile a few times. It was annoying the first couple of times when I couldn't figure out why it wasn't posting settings that had just worked or why it was scoring really badly in geekbench and hwbot prime. But nothing like it just dying that I know about.

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