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X38, X58 and Z77 Mainboards + i5 750 4,75GHz CB R15


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Selling some stuff I don't need, Mainboards are tested but not for max. FSB, the Maximus Extreme can be looked up in my hardware libary.

1: Gigabyte EX38T-DQ6 (X38 with DDR3) board comes with IO-Shield, never used for oc: SOLDIMG_0202.JPGIMG_0203.JPGIMG_0204.JPG

2: ASUS Maximus Extreme (X38 with DDR3), solid Board, results can be found in my profile w/o IO-Shield: SOLDIMG_0205.JPGIMG_0206.JPG

I'll include decent (top 10%) E7400s as socket protectors with the boards

3: EVGA X58 SLI, boards is modded for 6-Core  Xeons, used in my HT-PC, no idea how it clocks, VRM Heatsink slightly bend: SOLDIMG_0207.JPGIMG_0208.JPGIMG_0209.JPG

4: MSI Z77 Mpower, board does 109.3 FSB with locked sandys (at least that's the max I managed in a quick test) comes with IO-Shield only: SOLD



5/6: 2 i5 750s both chips do arround 4,75GHz CB R15 and most other benches on SS @~1,55V : 20€ eachIMG_0211.JPG

Shipping is not included, shipping to EU is 5€ for the CPUs and 16€ for the boards, for international shipping please ask for quote :)

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