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Golden 4790k, G3258, G.Skill TridentX 3000C12 2x4GB DDR3


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1) Pentium G3258

screenshot6k1f6c.png img_63622vqdsn.jpg

Overclocking results:

20150721-1714201xi7z.png 20150721-190726w4fbp.png 20160217-103055gbi0h.png 20160217-140749ngeph.png 

Best sample out of 7 G3258 I bought. IMC handles 2800C9 with Samsungs and 2666C8 with PSC easy.

On air it runs 4.7 1.35V all day, the above runs R15 and 32M are with dry ice. CPU is delidded with liquid metal and resealed with high temp silicone.


2) Core i7-4790k


CPU got a fresh liquid metal application 2 weeks ago, resealed with high temp silicone:

img_12845xdcu.jpg img_12870xck1.jpg img_12880zcg3.jpg img_1289vbdqz.jpg

Overclocking results on AIO 240/280:

20170314-1755587di5s.png screenshot12wxdh9.png 20170401-213243csc2j.png screenshot23ptf9c.png 

CPU has never been cold, tried to get it tested at this year's PA party but certain somebody wrecked his mainboard before we could get to it. ?

Tested today for R15 5.0/4.5/3000C12 1.280V VCore at 22C ambient with 240 AIO.


3) G.Skill TridentX 3000C12 2x4GB DDR3

img_16934ee3p.jpg screenshot11cpe5u.png 20160520-191742efif3.png 20160520-2122522iiff.png 

Excellent MFR, they run 3333C12 and 3250C11 - same clocks as super binned DDR4 MFR. You can bring the future to old systems (or go for those nice DDR3 frequency points). :)

In original packaging, fan unused.


Item location: Germany.

Payment via PayPal/IBAN/transferwise. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees.

Private sale, no returns, no warranty.

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