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I'm confused.


Stage 3 ; rules

- The winner of each stage is the person who hits the target score first


"louislkw has been holding the throne for 13 hours! louislkw has to hold it 4 days longer win this stage."

Yet I saw yesterday that 'Diabolique' was the first one to hit the target score, meaning by the rules he would be the winner of the stage... however, on the stage tab itself it says that you must hold out your score for 4 days.

Both Diabolique and louislkw have the same score, and Diabolique was the first to do so, so why would louislkw be holding the throne? I'm very confused by the point system as well.

And what are the times for stage 4? Apparently its 0:00 CET, but someone here said it was 18:00 CET.


Sorry that I'm confused, I joined this forum to get a chance to win that gorgeous 6850, but frankly, the rules aren't clarified well enough in my opinion. That, or I haven't read something.

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doenst matter at all. the first who hits the target is the winner, but when more than one person hits it, the system doesnt know who was first and shows the winners mixed.


to win the board and graphic card u have to be first to hit the target in the stage. in stage 3 it was diabolique (but only i wasn able to save a varification link. i did hit the target 1h before him.... dammit).


to win the 6970 lightning u only have to hit the target in one of the stages. if u hit it in all 4 stages u are 4 times in the pool.


i hope i can help u.

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Oh sweet; but I still don't understand the importance of the point system.


So basically, if your the first one to get the specified points or whatever, your guaranteed to win either a 6850+mobo or 6970? Epic.

I just found out about this yesterday, so I'm too late for stages 1-3.. but I have been looking at stage 4.

My first time actually using benchmarking software and wasting hours on end modifying core speed =) God damn, I could use another Cyclone.. go easy on me <3

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im now benching around 18 hours, but only get 13578 or 13580... its absolutly frustrating :D


the points doenst matter at all. its because most of the competitions are to get as many points as possible.

this one is a little bit more specific :D


as i said before: if u WIN one stage (hit the target FIRST) its guaranteed to get the 6850 and the mainboard, not the 6970.

for the 6970 u have to hit the target in one of the stages at any time (so in 7 days). doenst matter how u placed.

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La verdad es dificil llegar a ese numero en el vantage parece que mi sistema no es lo suficientemente estable (OC VGA y micro unlocked con OC) tengo mucha dispersión.

Una preguna solo llegando al target se participa en el sorteo de la 6970 o acercandote bastante tambíen?

13576 es lo mejor a lo que he llegado despúes de mas de 113 intentos; me rindo!!

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who can translate that....?


got my fifth 13578 score and my third 13580... im gonna cry :(


http://www.tradukka.com :)

The truth is hard to get that number on the vantage think my system is not stable enough (OC VGA and micro unlocked with OC) I have a lot of dispersion.


Questions only reaching a target is involved in the draw for the 6970 or getting close enough too?

13576 is the best at what I have come after more than 113 attempts, I give up!

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