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Fyi, for those who are wondering about the starting time of each stage. Since this is a WW contest, we've done it like this:


Stage 1: 00.00h CET

Stage 2: 06.00h CET

Stage 3: 12.00h CET

Stage 4: 18.00h CET


Shall I make another screenshot with the new background, or is the current one enough? I did not reboot and I still have all the windows open (3dm11, gpu-z, cpu-z).


Oh, that would be cool! Just edit the score with the new screenshot.

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I tried to edit the score but the image won't refresh :( Here it is:



And here's how i did it:


I did some pre-testing the day before (thats the first three rows of scores) to get an idea how does my setup score at different clocks. I also did some repeatability testing (how much can the score vary if ran time and time again on same clocks) not shown here. I sat down slamming F5 until the target score appeared, and it took me eight runs, 5 of them at the same clocks, to hit the spot. Also the Dimmu Borgir tweak helped :)

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