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[PC] Rampage Extreme x48


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Checked voltages?

The dead board I bought would turn on, try to set the VID voltage and immediately reboot. Never figured it out in the end. :(

My other dead board just powers on and then stays there; never progressing or rebooting.

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No voltages checked ,but i did a lot of other stuff.

Checked with E2140 and E8600 ,different ram ic’s (hyper,psc),

Swapped bios with one from a good one , but the same loop restart.

kept it 2 days without battery and clr cmos but nothing.

I put down all the radiators and cleaned the pcb with isopropilic alcohol,mounted everything back and added mx-4.

board doesn’t smell as burned,looks new.

Also,any cpu i put in gets heated so it has voltage. .

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I recently had a similar ( almost identical issue ) with an Asus Rampage VI ( X299 ).

Drove me nuts actually.

My case was even worse. Left the board over night, morning it booted. After 5-10 minutes the board shut down. Nope, no reboot. Actually it would not even turn on.

Tried a lot more than you did :)

Finally, before throwing the board in the garbage bin, took a big breath and :

1) Removed EVERYTHING from the board, including the hatch that holds the cpu in the socket and the backplate.

2) Cleaned thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol.

3) Cleaned the pins of the socket ( many many times ) with an extremely tiny and soft brush with isopropyl alcohol.

4) Cleaned with the same brush all ram slots.

Result - NOPE.

Rest, smoke, think...

Cleaned with same brush all ( ALL ) PCI slots.

Bam !

Has been working for 10 days now, no issue.

What was the problem ??? NO CLUE.

Some ghost or bad devil's spirit was there and I removed it, lol.

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26 minutes ago, Noxinite said:

PCIE slots. Huh. Weird.

Indeed :)

But my eye caught a detail, which guided me to the pci slots.

When I removed the VGA, board started and eventually stopped not seeing any VGA.

Put back the VGA and did not start.

Was it dirt that built up in the first pci slot ?

BTW, it is not the only APEX VI that I had issues with.

On another one, I had to replace two bulged capacitors to get it going again.

Hard to believe that 500 Euros boards MIGHT have quality issues.

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