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New L046B632 2600K ...


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(I am now also posting my sub-par OC results :P )


As I mentioned in the HWBOT batch thread earlier: tested a new L046B632 2600K from Tones.be. I was hoping to stumble upon one of those magical 5.8G chips, but unfortunatelly this particular sample isn't overclocking so very well. So far, it's the only OC result I've seen with this FPO, so you might go for it anyway and hope you have more than I :).


Max of the CPU is ~ 5150MHz (no OS at 52x100). BCLK ~ 106MHz.


Here are some pictures:




And a SuperPI-32M result:




Hopefully more luck in the future :).

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may be it has something to do with very benching-friendly memory you're using? (16gb = too much stress for imc)


The flickering '_' in the upper-left corner is not a sign of IMC being stressed :P.


lol massman trying to find cpu max with 16gb? your better than that mate!


What can I say ... I like the extra challenge?

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  • Crew
Real memory -1

Available memory -1




Massman is Chuck Norris :eek:


rofl :D


when you use a 64bit OS it always says -1, because on a 64bit OS applications can use more than 2gb per process. ;)

super pi doesn't "know" more than 2gb, because it's a 32bit application i guess. ;)

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