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Fasttrack - Core i7 7740X @ 6000MHz - 25862 points Geekbench3 - Multi Core


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I really wanna do LCC on X299 too, dunno why, it fascinates me for some reason to see "crap" cpus in ultra strong boards (I've done 4c8t in R4E X79 recently, good experience). 4133C12 2V: wish my 4kC19 spec TridZ was that much better in xoc as higher the spec is. :D
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3 hours ago, AutisticChris said:

You finally pulled out your old sticks. Why are you using these? Don't you have those 4200 2.04v Galax sticks?

Yes, I do. @websmile ( Michael ) made sure that I got these beauties ( Galax OC Lab Hall Of Fame Limited Edition - 004 out of 100 ). And many more outstanding mem sets.

Friends, I am just setting up the SS. This SUPERB unit, for which I might do a write-up, manufactured by George ( Nachtfalke ). It is a 2Hp unit ( very high quality ).

I am in the phase of initial testing. So, I am using HW that I know exactly what it can do and how, in order to make a direct comparison to ambient / water and/or Dice.

And yes RTL/IOL was on auto.

Thanks all :)




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4 hours ago, Fasttrack said:

Lol, a bit unfair challenge.

SS, against LN2. Hands down mate - YOU WIN :)


I won nothing, your score was amazing! I limited the frequency to 6ghz because it was the frequency i could anchieve in that crappy ln2 session i did.

I just put my result as a target so you can have more fun, feel free to enjoy it :)

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