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[Price check] rare P55-X58 boards


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no let - no insulation, full bundle, comes with an i7 875



no let - no insulation, full bundle, comes with an i7 870


no let - no insulation, full bundle, comes with an i7 980X (i think good batch) 


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28 minutes ago, websmile said:

Link #3 does not work for me - on prices I have no idea^^

Its this one:


as or prices, not sure, given the x58 board is basically untested. The benefit going from the 3 way to 4 way SLI classified board is irrelevant nowadays (given 3d benching relevance at least, collectors tax is always a thing), and a 3 way SLI board has been listed for 6 months by now on here for 125€ and hasn't sold yet. With some luck 250€ for the combo, probably less.

The prices for all Maximus III variants seem all over the place, could be worth anywhere from 90-140, the classied combo probably about the same.

- my personal judgement for these at least, it could be very skewed off course. I wouldn‘t want to pay nearly as much for an evga x58 board (probably not above 80€) as it would really surprise me if it could come close to asus or Gigabyte for max bclk and it would just be to test another brand. 

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I'd agree with ground that an eVGA 4-way board would not be an overclocker's top pick simply because it's fragility ... but the same also means that most of these boards have died over time and there are very very few left, so in collectors' eyes those might be worth quite a lot. I've recently seen R3B boards change hands for around 150 a piece. Given that eVGA E762 is much rarer (and to some, cooler) you might as well price it at 200 and see what happens.

If we use an M3F as a proxy to price the M3E, then from German eBay we see that in the last few months M3Fs changed hands for 29, 69, 97 and 185 Euros. Again, you might as well start at something like 120 for M3E and lower it if you see no interest.

As for P55 Classified - I am totally out of ideas. For same reason as X58 boards, these are primarily collectors' rather than overclockers' boards so price mainly depends on your ability to find someone with a sentiment for eVGA.

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I'd be interested in the X58 classified board. No clue on much it's worth though, because I never see it anywhere.

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