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(FS)48GB G.Skill B-die


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after I decided that it is time to stop memory testing and binning for a while I also decided that I sell most of my useful kits which means I only keep 2 or 3 for support requests and sell what I have. For all results I have screenshots which I might include at request, but I don´t want to overload the thread


1. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-3600 C16-16-16-36

B-die, manufacturing date november 2018. Tested for 4133 12-11 gb3/XTU on Apex X with 8600K, 4200 12-11 also worked at 2,16v. Decent high voltage kit, in box with sticker


2. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-4000 C18-19-19-39

B-die, manufacturing date October 2018 (1843xxx99/00). Tested for Geekbench3/XTU 4133 12-11 1,97v, 4200 12-11 2,05 and worked for cinebench 15 but not gb3 at 4266 12-11 2,085v for me on Apex X. Strong kit in box with sticker


3. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-4000 C18-19-19-39

B-die, manufacturing date october 2018 (1843xxxx19/20). Tested for geekbench 3/XTU up to 4290 12-11 tight 2,18v on Apex X, 4133 waza 12-11 tight on my now dead mocf 2,01v BIOS with lots of headroom to go higher. Best high voltage kit I had so far, in box with sticker


4. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-4133 C19-19-19-39

B-die, manufacturing date october 2018 (1843xxx). Tested for 4000 12-11 tight GB3/XTU 1.87v, 4133 12-11 between 1,99 and 2.075v which should leave enough headroom to go higher via BCLK. in box with sticker


5. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-4133 19-21-21-41

B-die, manufacturing date June 2017. This was one of my reference kits for a long time, 4133 and 4200 12-11 gb3 and xtu easy, maxed out around 4255 12-11 for both at 2,08v, 4266 12-11 at same voltage runs cb15 for me on apex X. 4133 12-11 waza on apex x 1,99v and mocf 1,94v BIOS, 4200 12-11 waza failed at loop 10 and 15 for me when I once tried this. In box with sticker


6. 2x16GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB S DDR4-3200c15-15-15-35

Two single sticks which usually only are sold to system houses, this means they meant to be single sticks you can combine freely. For me these did DDR4-3600c15-15-15-35 1,35v and ddr4-4133 18-18-18-38 1,35v on Apex X, which is as good as it gets when you come to 16GB sticks. Bulk


Prices (shipping not included)

1. 210 Euros sold

2. 280 Euros sold

3. 370 Euros sold

4. 175 Euros sold

5. 320 Euros sold#5 payment received

6. 320 Euros

Payment with Paypal (buyer covers fees or gift) or bak transfer in germany. Shipping will be done with deutsche Post and be 12-20 Euros depending on value, if you take several kits or combine this with stuff from ym other thread please get a quote


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