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Hwbot points calculation ?


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Can somebody please explain how points are calculated and how/what they appear in the profile ? Yesterday I uploaded 20+ tests with a GTX 1060 6gb (GP106) and in total I got around 150 _160 hardware points but in my profile I only got like 5-7 points (going from  1498 if I remember corectly to now  1505) ?  I just don't get it  , in the past I uploaded tests where in total I gained quite less hardware points than this time , but in my profile I got around 50 points ... I'm confused really , what's the criteria here ? Thank you in advance for any explanation that can make me understand the mechanism ...

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Was the first time I used a GTX 1060  no matter the version . As far as I have seen from previous uploads , the points are added after a few hours , 4-6 hours , might be because is weekend ? Anyway , I am still confused about the system of points as one time I got more than expected and now for example only a few. Well , I got nothing else to do but wait now ...

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It could be because your top 60 hardware slots where already filled before you started subbing your 1060 results. 

Therefore only 1060 results that scored more hardware points will make it into your top 60 and they'll supplant a slot currently occupied. 

So for example let's say you scored 21hardware points for a run on your 1060 and in your 60th place slot was a score that got 20 hardware points your new 21points run will replace it. However it'll only add 1 point to your overall total because its only 1 point more than the score it replaced

Hope that helps give you a better idea of what's going on.

Once you have all 60 hardware points slots filled it becomes harder to add to your overall total, so you need to become more picky about what cards, cpus you bench or improve your cooling so you can run faster score higher and gain more points

Same basically goes for Global points too

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