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Frustrated, wont let me submit cinebench20

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Hello I'm trying to submit my R20 cinebench score for my laptop. but I don't know what some of the things its asking for are, or how to simply import the text file here are my specs:

PROCESSOR=Intel Core i5-7400 CPU (Yes DESKTOP CPU in LAPTOP that I UPGRADED: My Original Specs)
OSVERSION=Windows 10, 64 Bit, Core (build 18363)

I just wanted to use XTU and it was working totally fine a week ago, now it keeps showing my ghz is at NEGATIVE 3Ghz. That is obviously an error as I'm using this laptop to type as we speak and have been playing Destiny 2 at high settings.

OS on 256gb Samsung 970 evo nvme nand flash SSD

1tb of Silicon Power SATA SSD (Here

22gb of RAM total from TIMETEC DDR4 SODIMM 16gb 2666, + Crucial DDR4 SODIMM 8gb 2400

cinebench 12.3.19.png

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Clarify CPU in laptop is desktop processor

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Question; are you trying to use XTU to Over Clock your CPU?

I ask because other then that xtu has nothing to do with  cinibench or anything to do with uploading/submitting a result.

To submit a cinibench run there are 2 options:

1: Run cinibench with the App BENCHMATE.


2: Run Cinibench alone without changing anything run at default settings. take a screen shot of your result compliant with the rules https://hwbot.org/news/9946_application_94_rules/ and just go to SUBMIT SCORE on top right of the bot main page, scroll down and select the benchmark you want to submit to then fill in the info along with the link for your screen shot(s).

Not sure if that helps or if that is what you meant.


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Due to the fact the video was made before the new rules, the rendered scene must now be 100% visible, so no blocking with any CPUZ window!!!

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Not really. Since there are no official rules for CB20 yet(no requirement to show the fully rendered scene), and it will still render at the same resolution regardless of the screen resolution. So the score will be unaffected.


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Take into account if you use Benchmate for R11.5/15 and 20, it will verify the rendered scene file too, so a small block of it is tolerated

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