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Blocked score....WHY?

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An hwbot crew member, demiurg, has blocked one of your submitted scores. It has been marked as 'insufficient verification for rankings'.


This was the reason the user gave:

Please provide more verification. Resolution and 3DMark settings are not shown on the screenshot.


You can view your result here:



I have all the required screenshots and I have a futuremark link. Why is this score blocked?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Can u explain why some of my score has been blocked?





and AM3 score has been deleted as well!!

results submitted in 2007,gpu-z not required,resolution is visible.

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  • 3 weeks later...

NOT to start a new thread...... :)


WHY you guys are blocking/deleting OLD scores?......

You (or the guy who has report them) say: "due to no cpu-z/memory screenshot" or something like that...... :mad:


You expect US to re-run NOWADAYS these OLD benches with AMD FX57 of Dothan cpus to provide you a validated cpu-z screenshot?......ARE you crazy or what?....... :D


Please DON'T do that because they are OLDDDDDDDD scores and the "validation of the cpu-z" screenie "rule" DID NOT EXISTED THOSE DAYS....... :)


Thanks... :)

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No, I'm saying that you block/delete scores of 2006....... why?..... :)


For example:




This bench was done on: 31-03-06, 01:34 IF you take a look at "link to forum post" link....


hwbot RE-SCAN it on: 29-06-2007 07:34


AND you have BLOCKED IT......WHY?.......because hwbot RE-SCAN it on 29-06-2007 ?


IS IT OUR FAULT that hwbot RE-SCAN it on 29-06-2007 ?..... :)


PLUS that you have done the EXACT SAME thing on MANY SCORES like this one.....

Edited by hipro5
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LIKE this http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=617629 bench which was done on ~ 06-04-06


AND you have DELETED IT JUST LIKE THAT !!.........


Do you know how MUCH EFFORT did it take to do those benches?...... :mad:


PLEASE IF you're in a hurry when deleting/blocking OLD resaults, DON'T do it yourself.......

LET another one to do it for you who can PRESS the "link to forumpost" link to SEE the ACTUAL DATE of been done and NOT the date that hwbot RE-SCANED it..... Thanks.... :)



Edited by hipro5
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Did your ever try to validate this score? No screenshot, no forum post, no link... Everybody should provide some verification of his scores but not you? What makes you special?


What are you showing me now M8?......The link that you are providing above is DEAD........You have deleted the score so HOW should I know what it is?...... By guessing?....... :confused:

"This entry has been deleted"


I'm not special as you say.......I'm - IF NOT THE ONLY ONE - the one that provides the MOST of ALL others within my scores......

Edited by hipro5
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....and why don't you ask so to provide the link or the updated forum link?.......Maybe our forums due to upgrade, have changed the links or something.....

Here's the link of it....



.....if it is as you say so, then why did you blocked esdee's score (above link) with the FX57 and then when I posted that, you unblock it?..... :)

He had a valid link.....

Have you done MANY mistakes like that to MANY users from different forums till now?....



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IMO it's the user's responsibility so keep track of screenshots. If a score has no proof of any kind it should be removed, unless the rules at the time didn't ask for ANY kind of evidence - no matter what kind of reputation the bencher has, good or bad.


If the forum moved Hipro's screenshots, and someone blocked the scores because of that, then all Hipro has to do is to find the screens and update the submissions.


These kind of problems is the reason I upload everything to the site instead of using a third party to store screens;)

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Yes I can understand that it's the user's responsibility but all those OLD scores are supposed to be CHECKED and finded OK in the past by hwbot..... :)

Now it whould be better BEFORE any mod of the hwbot DELETES OLD scores, send them (all of the team's scores) to a mod of the team to see IF they are OK or not and provide - maybe - the newer verification links for them......

If the team mod can't provide them, them the hwbot mod could delete them..... :)


.....and YES for a long time now I upload my scores ONLY in hwbot instead of my forum..... ;)

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