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[EU][WW] Wanted R1150 Ethylene for cascade


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We arent gas dealers, ask your regional gas dealers for that gas. 

Prehaps you already know (or not) that is hight flammable gas and hight pressurised cilinder.  It is included in the A3 saefty gruppe. That mean is very dangeros., it need special shipping and Papers. 

Minimun irder quantity  is 3,7kg of R1150 mean 10L bothle,  use special  H2 pressure regulator with left thread hands. 

Using refrigerant without refrigeration licence is totally forbidden.!!!!

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You are not from EU , here are strict rules about using refrigerant without licence. 

From 01.01. 2020 all refrigerant that has >(more) than 2500 GWP(Global warming potential) are forbidden. 

That mean R404A and R507 are from this year forbidden...if you are discover that you use any Kind of refrigerant without licence you will pay  fine.  Read more about. 

Any site actually that encurages using reftigerant without licence will be passable to pay fine.and will be Not cheap. 

I work in refrigeration domain,  i have licence ...and we are called to school how to use the new replacement refrigerant  , R404a/r507 has replacement  R449a for Midlle  temp application and R452a for low temp application.

The hole refrigeration industry are on change , what other people make is not my bussines,  but please stop to encurages people using illegal things.( section 608 EPA )


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I got my gas a decade or two ago,  Ebay is a bit more regulated now.  I was happy to find the left hand regulator for cheap.

Despite people like Nach, who does mean well,  I did not listen to people like him.  I was warned I would blow myself up or the gas would leak out in the night and suffocate my family.  Taking that into some consideration I kept my cascade at work.  I have burnt a few compressors, I had a few leaks, I shipped around the world twice and it is still running today.

A good option is to befriend an hvac repair dude who is into computers.  Finding Chilly1 made a lot more possible for me, it also helped with the licenses. 

Also like Nach mentioned, I will never ship any gas and getting someone to take that chance will be very hard to find now so your best bet is friending a local guy.


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