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chispy - GeForce RTX 2080 Ti @ 2235/2050MHz - 46853 marks 3DMark11 - Performance


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1 hour ago, MaddMutt said:

I LOVE the frosty pictures :) Going to give the EVGA another try??

Thank you MaddMutt. I would like to give the x299 Dark and 9980xe another try , but it goes thru ln2 like a child goes thru a bag of candy :D , wayyy ... to fast. 70Liters of LN2 were used to get those globals 3 and 4 way CrossfireX , it eats up 3~5 liters of ln2 per Vantage run ? .  Sadly that was the last time that set up will see ln2 , chiller again from now on.

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4 hours ago, Nazar said:

Great score Chispy! What card you have used? Is it Galax?

Thank you my bro Nazar. I used an nvidia reference 2080Ti Founders Edition but i did the whole shunt mod for power limits and bios flashed the Galax 380w bios posted at ocn - https://www.overclock.net/forum/69-nvidia/1706276-official-nvidia-rtx-2080-ti-owner-s-club.html + https://www.overclock.net/forum/69-nvidia/1714864-2080-ti-working-shunt-mod.html  . Tip for maintaining the high clocks , keep the card as cold as possible. I sandwich the full cover water block in between 2 sheets of thick armaflex insulation to keep the card as cold as possible on my chiller , i have a very strong water chiller kept the card at max 7c on full load at 1.093v. Thats it. Try that my friend and most of all have fun :)

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Thanks for detailed reply, mu friend!

I have ASUS Strix cards, and they do not require any shunts :) The problem I have is BIOS flashing on my second (newly purchased) card. There are no problem with XOC bios, but I have some "secret" bios ;) where AB curve works. Unfortunately I am unable to flash it to my second card, the first (old one) works fine. And my chiller can keep the cards at about +20*C only :( 

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