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chispy - Radeon HD 5770 @ 1130/1480MHz - 718.83 DX11 Marks Unigine Heaven - Xtreme


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9 hours ago, Matt26LFC said:

Nice one Chispy! I've got (hopefully) two cheap uni blocks on the way to try on my 5770 Hawks. Looks like yours is volt modded too? Did you get any gains from just WC over Air without vmods? Or you not tested that?

I too had 2 5770 hawks but i already killed one ( careful with voltages it is very easy to kill this tiny video cards ) , thankfully my best hawk 5770 is still alive and bringing great scores. Yes it has all volt mods done by me :) , gains from air to h2o is minimal :/ , it is still ambient temps bro and the hawk stock cooler its already good enough , i did tested this. Hopefully this card will scale with subsero temps , will see how she does on this weekend :D , it is do or die for this 5770 ...


Thank you guys for the kind words !

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Cheers Angelo, didn't think going to water would yield much since temps, as you say, are already good even on the stock air-cooler. Will have to do v-mods aswell then and move that bloody cap since it interferes with the pot Looking forward to seeing your SS results :)
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