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The official keeph8n's ACGC -LGA1151 farewell thread.


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Hi, When I'm trying to submit a score, I have an error message saying the file is not valide: [url=https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=20/36/5lls.jpg][img]https://zupimages.net/up/20/36/5lls.jpg[/img][/url] 2 files are available after saving : the screeshot and xxxxx.JSON.
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Ok, I beg your pardon as English is not my native language and perphaps I'm not clear enough. After benching Cinebench R15 from Benchmate, I clicked "Save Result" and I have the attended message indicating that's "local". At this point, nothing abnormal. When I want to submit my score for STAGE 2 "keeph8n's ACGC -LGA1151 farewell", the page ask me to download a data file. The only data file I have under the "results" folder from Benchmate is a file wiht JSON extension (and the screeshoot). This file is rejected with an error message "Invalid data file: Unable to decrypt the datafile" So, what file have to upload and where is this file ??
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