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[FS] [EU] Single stage & chiller


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I have a single stage and a chiller for sale.

Both made by local legend Nachtfalke. Chiller bought few years ago from Alex. 

Chiller: AFAICT tuned for 2x HEDT GPU + 1x HEDT CPU @ -25°C at HX 

Buildlog here but pump was upgraded to IWAKI MD-40RM-220M: https://forum.lab501.ro/showthread.php?t=14511

Price: 800€

SS (SOLD):  375W@-55°C (IIRC strongest and very last SS he built, unless he built another units, I'm out of the loop for some time now). I have only CPU mouting kit. 

Buildlog: https://forum.lab501.ro/showthread.php?t=15405

(I can't be 100% certain the buildlogs fit but after checking the details and stickers, it seems to be match.)

Price: 1000€. Shipping in hard wooden box is be doable with UPS standard within Europe for ~125€.

Payment method: Wire/Revolut/BTC (preferred)







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Very strong chiller, i had it when i had porn thoughts with some vga cards. I replaced the pump with a iwaki md40, top japanese stuff which will last for ages. Basically if this unit is shipped properly it should last until the end of overclocking  :D 

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