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ale belo - Sempron 150 @ 5439MHz - 22min 13sec 55ms y-cruncher - Pi-1b


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50 minutes ago, ale_belo said:

4 stick sucks for imc. All my mboard istant freeze when apply 360-370 (C5F, 890FXA UD5, 890FXA UD7, SABER) 

I believe that, I know it's really tough on imc, especially pre thuban. I only ran this on aio but thuban does seem to handle it a bit better so maybe possible to run good ram for 5 core. 

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I would then say L3014 will likely kill Semprons in y-cruncher 1B - once guys with that cpu enter the game. At least my performance estimates say that (was checking database today how E8xxx performs) - they are pretty close clock to clock and L3014 has more flexibility with dram to allow higher cpu clock (and 4x2GB BBSE 600 2:3 was possible in my x48 tests). 

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L3014 should roflstomp sempron. It has more IPC, instruction advantage, and as you said better mem performance in this bench. Evidently luumi is busy with something else rn tho so semprons may reign for a bit. Now for 10b because of capacity supported semprons should be unbeatable, anyone wanna pour for 8 hours? Maybe run ss or cascade. My Oc'd g470 with a big raid just barely beat a sempron score, both 32gb of ram. Technically can run 64gb on sempron but oc is impossible, the fact it posts is a miracle the imc is crying in pain. 

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4 hours ago, ale_belo said:

Lol, need to find an ic's for 400fsb.sempron destroyed the L3014. The same instructions because y-cruncher use the avx512.

Ycruncher uses avx-512, Avx2, but also should use sse4. Basically whatever instructions the cpu can throw at it. But also seems that it doesn't rely on sse4 like x265 does as my g470 won't beat sempron. 

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