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13 hours ago, StingerYar said:

I think "HPET must be enabled for all submissions" rule should be revised.

Recently I've benched socket 754 with ASRock K8 Combo-Z. There is no HPET physically, so I can't submit results now in 2021. How about allowing non-HPET results for old platforms?

Must agree with this.

As a note to this issue Socket 939 is capable BUT most 939 boards do not have the option in the BIOS to enable it.
The only one I know as fact that does have it is the DFI CFX 3200 and I know that because I had one, all other 939 DFI's that I know of do not.
I haven't seen it before in any other 939 boards either aside from the CFX 3200 so that's one socket I'd think would need to be exempt too just to be fair since there is no way everyone will have one of those boards with that BIOS option.

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19 hours ago, Leeghoofd said:

Lemme know first which platforms are concerned for exemption of the rule plz

I think platforms like AM2 / LGA 775 or newer won't have problems;

Platforms like s478 / s754-939-940 are situational (50-50%);

Absolutely sure, hardware older than Socket A (462) or Socket 370 / Slot 1 won't have HPET.

Of course there's 1% exclusion for crazy mobos like s370 + DDR2 VIA, or s478 + G41 chipset :D


I think community may do some doublecheck testing on old hardware.

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4 hours ago, Leeghoofd said:

K so Bones always benches with HPET on and you can bench with it off, I'll add it to the rules tonite. You will have to drop down to version 2.2 as 2.3 only works with HPET on.

I no longer have that board, Keeph8n has it now.

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