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MrPaco - Opteron 885 @ 2805MHz - 2002 CB Cinebench - 2003


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There seems to be a bug on the Opteron 940 platform core count. Doesn't seem to matter what count you enter, it just puts them where ever it wants. Can you edit these subs to 2x please.



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likewise, none of my Dual CPU Opteron 270 multicore bencjmark scores show up in the Dual Socket list: https://hwbot.org/search/submissions/permalink?userId=10871&cpuId=1152&cpuBatchId=4616 and only the couple of CB 2003 scores @Leeghoofd already edited show up in the Dual Socket Opteron 285 list out of the score I have entered into hwbot: https://hwbot.org/search/submissions/permalink?userId=10871&cpuId=1157&cpuBatchId=4678

Edited by cbjaust
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Issue found:

In our db, Socket 940 wasn't configured to be able to host multiple CPUs. I fixed this now. It should be possible for you to change core count of your submission if you try to edit. 


The idea of those configuration for multi sockets was to prevent users entering wrong core counts for CPUs, like a quad core getting 16 core because user thinks he needs to select 4 x XYZ CPU on the submission page. Now it seems the mechanic behind this is broken as I still can select a different core count for single CPU systems when I make a submission for the first time. 

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