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It says max clock 5206. I set my multiplier to 52 and my clock gets detected at 5220 and even 5230. Does that mean I need to fuck with my bclk and adjust multiplier down because if it does maybe we could consider the variances for different motherboards/bioses out there next time? Also, if it turns out you really have to change your bclk instead of doing an easy 52x I assume the top two results are already considered invalid?
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Same, xtu always report 5.22.... my score also deleted. I think on my screen also hwinfo was shown and it report max 5200. So we need to run 5.1 go get 5.12. Think all other clocks get up to 5.22 maybe? Bench again cause xtu is weird ?. Will try in the evening.
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Guest Digg_de
9 hours ago, marco.is.not.80 said:

This is so strange but XTU keeps reporting 5.22 even thought CPU-Z shows 5198 to 5200. Once it locks into thinking you have 5.22 even if I change the BCLK on the fly and lower it to 99.0 it stays at 5.22. WTF?!?! Anyone seen this problem? Which program will be trusted in the screenshot?!?

and when you leave bclk at auto?

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Nope one doesn't submit a 12900K with 2P cores enabled  as a G7400... you want to compare apples with oranges, if we would allow this, the entire database will become a shitshow

Either you use all cores of your 12900K or you use only the 8P .... It can't get more simple than that...

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