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way bad.  I have gravitated towards EVGA for the excellent builds they have done where the pure design has been made to really bring top line overclocker versions of Graphics cards.  While there are/have been oc cards from various brands the EVGA have consistently been purebreeds with most capabilities straight out of the box for generations. Think its a big loss for us as well as for the other remaining brands as i think EVGA has helped push the other brands in that area. Especially with the support of also matching hardware with K|ngP|n as the resident OCer showing what can be done and with very good OC guides overall.

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You all are looking at the small picture and not the real big screen.

Nvidia has been cornering the Vga market for years now,

Nvidia has treated all AIB partners as trash.

Nvidia believes that they can be simultaneously : manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers ( competing AIB who are their wholesale customers ).

My take ?

Nvidia is looking to take over longterm the retail market themselves moving AIB partners out.

It is a common scenario that I have seen multiple times with much bigger companies, especially when margins drop.

That is the big screen gentlemen.


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7 minutes ago, spit051261 said:

Maybe right George. 

Wonder what the rest will do now .

Remains to be seen Paul.

What I have to add as a general remark from my 30 years of deep experience in the financial sector.

1) When cows are fat and markets run ( demand a lot higher than offer ), you maximize profits.

2) When markets shrink ( demand drops a lot below offer ), those that have the power gain market share waiting for the next up cycle.

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Nvidia being a bunch of greedy motherfuckers and harassing AIBs with with increasingly ridiculous terms? Say it ain't so /s

Of course EVGA leaving the market is a MASSIVE loss. No more Kingpins too :(

Wonder what Vince/KP himself is going to do next? Move to another AIB? Join AMD or Intel?

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Vince seems to be history @ EVGA already.

EVGA Z690 Dark may be grabbed for 499$ ATM at EVGA Shop, which is a ridiculous low price considering what it used to cost.

Run fast and grab one, very likely the last Kingpin motherboard you will be able to buy for a long period of time.


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I'm thankful for all the industry friends, old colleagues, etc. that reached out. It means a lot and I appreciate it.

The news isn't received well ofc, and I'm mostly sorry for the fans and people that are passionate for our brand and everything that we have done here over the years at EVGA. If the KP hardware is meant to continue on in one way or another, I'm sure that it will :).

The EVGA and PC hardware enthusiast community have been great to me and my teams here over the years, THANK YOU.

Vince „K|NGP|N“ Lucido



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