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@ hwbot inventor | please separeted championship for INTEL and AMD


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superpi is not the only INTEL optimized benchmark

superpi is only the benchmark where everyone knows that it is INTEL optimized


i dont make an comparative in other benchmarks. but i know in cinebench it is the same problem!


and maybe it is in other benchmarks like 3dmark ore so the same problem



Think were looking at it a little backwards when we start thinking like this (no offense to OP just using as a example). Both CPU's are given the same instruction call's, it's up to the chips engineers/designers to optimize what happens with it.

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The only problem I see is that you may get the idea that intel users are more skilled because they get a faster time;) Apart from that, we can only hope AMD makes a CPU that's faster in spi1m. We went from ~19s to ~11s in one giant leap now, may even be sub-10 soon I think. One more leap like that and suddenly AMD is the winner:p

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i have a feeling that they will make adjustments though

have a look at some of the responses


First of all, what we have is a conceptualisation of a new hwboints system, not a ready-to-be-coded format. Main ideas, main structure and a very limited set of numbers that describe a more appropriate (read: fair) distribution of points. There are no plans to translate this concept in a fully working algorythm for reasons that have already been mentioned: time, time, time :).


Next, the concept has nothing to do with evening things up: there's no such thing as compensating for less-performant hardware. The main idea behind the new hwboints concept was an attempt to address the known issues of skill versus points. Following a thread (on this forum) in which the skill-points issue was brought up, we tried to find an easy solution; a solution that would be more rewarding for pure skill and less rewarding for pure money, regardless of what hardware you are benching. As it turned out, there's no simple solution that benefits both the end-user (you guys!!) and is still as flexible as we want it to be (coding issues). Hence, the blueprint has been put in the freezer.


As the current system works quite well (we are aware of the flaws and loopholes ;) ), there's no urgent call to get the plans back out of the freezer.

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guys that claim are skillful and bench AMD need to reavaluate their benching FOR POINTS........you have to be on best hardware at the time as that's where you will also encounter the best overclockers of the time to achieve the best scores of the time and score points accordingly


AMD can really only still be benched for fun as its not up to par compared to Intel still....


thats the way I see it


if you adjust points system for those reasons you are also as a side effect trying to make it more even and all the things i talked about earlier

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@stummerwinter: Like SuperPI and PiFast are real-life benchmarks... :rolleyes: I just want to ease my search when finding the fastest times among AMD systems so I don't need to type in every AMD CPU out there in search window and compare my result to it.

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