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OC Guide for EVGA Z790 DARK K|NGP|N

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Welcome back for a quick introduction to the Z790 DARK KP. I've always enjoyed TiN's "uncorked" guides on xdevs for EVGA hardware, while this here is far from meeting the same level of detail, I kind of really like it to be in the same spirit.

The Z790 DARK KP has additional PCB layers (now 14) and optimized traces to improve DRAM signals. That and the option to have the second PCIE slot to be x16 too for increased space to accommodate external GPU heating solutions are key differenciators and might also help PC builders to route they PCIE extention more efficiently.

Once again you can find a selection of OC profiles under the drop down menu within the bios on the top left corner. Explore those profiles and chose one to your liking as a baseline.




There is still our PMIC Turbo Mode from previous gen that has been optimized further so you can usually leave it on Auto for the best results.



A BCLK patch has been added to stabilize BCLK OC. That really showes effect with ratio-locked CPUs like the popular G7400 where you crank the BCLK way beyond normal ranges. But it might also help in any other case since most important frequencies are generated from BCLK. The rest of the settings are pretty straight forward. The Vdroop / LLC setting is generally best at -25% for most operations and the PWM frequency is usually best at 700-800 KHz.



The board absolutely kicks ass when it comes to memory OC. These are some examples on G.Skill 7800 A-Die modules.

8400MHz tight 24/7 on air:



8800 tight in GB3 on air:


9300MHz tight in GB3 on LN2:



A general guideline to memory OC on A-Die to MAX out your memory OC with G.Skill A-Die on Z790 DARK on ambient:

  • 1.56-1.64v DRAM VDD (some kits like lower / higher)
  • 1.43-1.5v DRAM VDDQ (varies by kit, need to test with more or less generally keep above CPU VDDQ)
  • SA 1.25v - 1.32v
  • CPU VDDQ 1.37-1.4v (what others call IMC voltage. Requirements vary by CPU, need to test with more or less generally keep ~60mv below DRAM VDDQ)
  • CPU VDD2 Auto (must be set higher than DRAM VDD and Auto follows that rule)

This guideline is only partly compatible with green OEM sticks. However the bios also supports certain PMIC controllers on OEM green PCB Hynix A-Die modules that can be unlocked to go beyond 1.435v VDD. These naturally see lower voltage than what you set in bios once you go beyond 1.435v (VDD/VDDQ). For instance you set 1.7v VDD on green modules will get you ~ 1.64v real VDD.

Quick note on M-Die: Still viable and works very well on the new board with RPL. My old kit that was really only stable at 7000MHz 24/7 before is now stable at +7600MHz 24/7 and can reach up to 8533MHz on LN2.


Software (grab the latest from the EVGA website)





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  • CENS changed the title to OC Guide for EVGA Z790 DARK K|NGP|N

anyone have anything working for command rate 1T on z790 yet? seems it will post in at 8200 C34 1T but I need to go down to 7400 to even attempt to boot windows...and then instant bsod (mem mgmt). will test more but curious if anyone has had success 

z690 dark was very strong for 1T...

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@CENS I don’t know if you, Luumi, or Biso Biso can give any insight. 


Z790 Dark KP


7600 gskill kit


tried four different Zotac 4090s and this board just fails to post. Boot loops memory initialization codes. 53, 54, and 7F. I’ve swapped memory kits, nvme drives, sata drives, coolers, etc. nothing. Won’t boot. 

zotac gt710 boots just fine

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6 minutes ago, CENS said:

Well I tested just a few "next gen gpus" and one MSI. No issues. I assume you updated to the latest bios? 


edit: I will give the bios team a heads-up.

Yeah. I’ve been through every public bios. 

just infinitely boot loops with memory initialization codes and flashing red LEDs. Tried both slots. 

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CENS, thanks for all your hard work.

I'm running the 8000 CL32 1.68v profile as my daily on Z790 Dark with i9-13900K ?

Looking forward to the upcoming 8533 CL36 1.52v profile.

I had a bad experience with Intel Z690 Apex trying to OC memory, was going to skip Intel Z790.

Bought the Z790 Dark a few months ago, and the experience has been wonderful.   

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Here is a good one.

Trying to return my KPE board for RMA and every time I try to login , password no good and this is after telling them my board is bad and needs returning .

I have tried all day to login. I get "you have logged in too may times"  and password no recognized (after using the recovery password they sent).

Times can't be that bad for EVGA , surely ?

I actually started the process yesterday and they replied .

As soon as I mentioned RMA , end of sports .

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