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GIGABYTE Z790 Aorus Tachyon

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For everyone who gets a Gigabyte Z790 Tachyon, here is some bios and tools.

As soon as my arm has recovered from the car accident and I can write more, more information comes.


Just as an info and clue, I don't set up high voltages:

My startpoint for Air and LN2

VCCSA: 1.25

VDDQ CPU: 1.35

VDD2 CPU: 1.45



VDD: 1.675-1.775

VDDQ: 1.535-1.635




Gigabyte Z790 Tachyon X4b (one of best bios versions for me)

Gigabyte Z790 Tachyon X6h (I've used also multiple times)

Gigabyte Z790 Tachyon X6k (have sometimes CB)

Gigabyte Z790 Tachyon X6m (with higher VCCIN Voltage)

Gigabyte Z790 Tachyon X6n (tRCD_WR added in Mem-Settings)

Gigabyte Z790 Tachyon X6o (Fix code "11" during memory training)

Gigabyte Z790 Tachyon X6U (Update for Gear4 mode, can be used for all benchmarks)


GTL Tools:

You can choose XP-Version for all OS


B22.1106.1 XP

AVX512 Tool





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@sergmannwishing you speedy recover dude ^^ Try to run MemTestPro as I have spare time couple days ago 8000 MT/s 36-46-46, CPU VDDQ 1.35 | CPU VDD2 1.45 | DRAM VDD 1.45 | DRAM VDDQ 1.4

ADie8000C36 Memtest.png


And SK Hynix M-Die 7800 MT/s 32-44-44 runs smooth:


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1 hour ago, sergmann said:

With 8400 CL34 you will break 16k Mem score.

Can’t upload screenshots here now, but you can check screenshot from ocn forum 😉


do you seen some diff with X6N about mem score with tRCDWR ?

BTW 16,6K mem score is awesome! Have you tryed to do max freq ? 

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