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Any decent storage benchmark out there?


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if a single number is what your looking for than your choices are very limited - AS SSD, pcmark05 total or HDD or pcmv total or HDD. I have never tried - what is it - passmark? and of course you know there is a new pcmark in the works, what else that gives a single number? you could probably contruct something out of iometer but there are so maany set up variables that if you wanted several people to use the same settings - it gets hard. tough problem.

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I use AS SSD in reviews; it's a quick easy button-press-then-score bench. IOMeter is the best, but it has been out of development for a long time and it is a royal pain in the arse to use.


Anyway, if you're looking for something rather consistent (+/- 10 points is normal as far as I can tell) and point-giving, AS SSD is your bench.

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