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Country Cup '23 - Move to March 2024

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Hwbot team, Alby, all other countries.


As discussed last year, November/December isn't a good time for overclocking in general any more due to hardware launches, family and work stresses, limited annual leave availability and frankly Australia will be on fire again shortly. (Global warming woo!)


As such, talking amongst ourselves we've elected for March 2024 to be the best time for Country Cup going forward.

Australia would be happy to host any guests who'd like to visit. We could go to a sportsball game, see a show, tour the country side and visit the many wineries. Maybe boot a computer subzero if there is time as well. 


Please see this notice as an official request and extend your acceptance in due course. 



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Country Cup 2023 stays in the same period is before. Only option I see is to start one week earlier to avoid end of the year festivities.


Some thoughts:

Hardware releases happen throughout the year Neil. Not even sure which impact they have on Team Australia or any other team as the ruling is simple: the hardware needs to be available before the compo starts. If you need to be part of any showcase or release party that sounds more like a luxury you problem.


Climate wise some countries are on fire, some are flooded, some are even invaded by brute force... it's the sad world we live in.


Agenda, travel wise points:  If nearly each CC participating Aussie OCer can attend a special event to bench the latest and greatest hardware, that's again a personal choice..


Every OCer has to decide for himself how much time effort he wants to put in taking into account family life, work and manage his play budget. 

There's no need to force your agenda on the others. Take a decision and live with it lads.

You guys are welcome to participate or free to do something completely else.


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I'm an American and I'm on board with the Aussies here. I loathe the time period for CC comps. The only thing I want to do during the holidays is enjoy time with family and friends, not spend hours in my basement trying to get an ancient graphics card to come back to life.

Long winter nights here in NA are a great time to OC, so I would prefer anytime from mid January to March.

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