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Tqhr - Radeon RX 6900 XT @ 2950/2170MHz - 291976 marks 3DMark2001 SE


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@salty no resolution has been altered, no original files within the benchmark has been altered/edited and nothing has been replaced in the operating system. Currently these rules allow for things like im doing, so there needs to be a change in the ruleset for all old benchmarks otherwise this is going to be a recurring thing.
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i am not altering any dll in the OS either, no. And also, how would you know what exactly i changed? Thats the main problem, based on the "proof" screenshot you cant. Its like any other score. What im saying is someone could use this, artificially cap their gpu/cpu and make it look like this change hasnt been made. Aka make it look "legit" although currently it still is if we go by the rules. Im no mod and ultimately i dont mind, i just think there needs to be a stricter verification process.
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