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l0ud_sil3nc3 - DDR3 SDRAM @ 1400.8MHz - 9sec 192ms PYPrime - 2b with BenchMate

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3 hours ago, SparkysAdventure said:

Did those sticks ever do 2800c6 SP32M? That's impressively low volt, likely has scaling to 2933+

These sticks never ran 2800 before but I remember they had a low boot voltage limit so even 2.20v failed to train. Setting 2.15v they trained super consistently at 2800 but failed to train 2933 and didn't spend much time trying higher after that.

3 hours ago, Emil.SU said:

Nice, it was getting boring on top. So what should be next 5775c with ln2 PSC or 7600k + whatever ram runs on shitty D3 mobo?

How about 7600K + LN2 PSC + D3 mobo 😎

8 minutes ago, TaPaKaH said:

What year is it?

The best years™️

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21 hours ago, phobosq said:

Have you tried those sticks on air? What's the scaling when going from air to LN2 @2.1-ish volts? Curious to see what comes next, but 9 secs will fall sooner or later :D

Air these can run 2750c8 tuco tight at 1.92v > to 2800c6 tight on LN2 at 2.15v

The best PSC in my collection I believe is still the 2000c6 Pi but will find out soon ;)


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