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Some questions about ranking with the same scores

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Hello Guys,


last friday I uploaded a AM3 Multicard result 370684 points

it was 12th place in ranking but place 13 have same point's and I think my result was ranked on 12th place because I run with much lower GFX Clocks than the other participant.




Today mtech uploads his result another time, realy the same result and the same Clocks, but today his result was ranked as 12th.


My question is why? His GFX Clocks are also higher than our GFX Clocks for the same score

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1. I submitted 370684 score before you and it was clear 2nd place because you had 368xxx score.

2. Then you submitted your 370684 score - the same as mine.

As a result I lost 2nd place in 2xGTX280 and one position in top 20.

3. Today I posted my score again and returned back my 2nd place.

That's all.

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So the most recent score gets on top?


I'm pretty sure RB is aware of this issue, but at the moment all our coding time goes to the HCE project. Within a few days/week this engine should be ready and then we'll be able to focus on this.


Sorry for the long wait.

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