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Sweet Get off my back please


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Hey, I really dont know where to post this so sorry if its in the wrong area, but I could do with some help.


I had posted up some overclocks on various x800 ati cards i have, and now im getting emails saying


An hwbot crew member, Sweet, has been marked as 'reported by crew'.


This was the reason the user gave:

disable port proc., too high score by mhz




An hwbot crew member, Sweet, has blocked one of your submitted scores. It has been marked as 'not ran at default settings'.


This was the reason the user gave:

disable post processing, too high score by mhz. and no subtest, mandatory in the screen


WTF is he on about?, i bench fairly, i have never cheated as its only cheating yourself. Also these scores have been valid on hwbot for over 4 months lol.


He has done this to a few of my results, and the only reason i can think of is that hes hateing on me as he has entries in the same gpu tables as me.


:( Please could some one take a look at this, im happy to re-bench if i need to just feel like this guy's taking the piss.



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Fair enuff, will just re-bench n take my top spot back. So are all benchmark's now being gone thru or just one's where people wanna bitch for bitching's sake?


Rules are rules. You can bitch all you like, as long as your submissions aren't by the book, you'll have to expect them to be blocked. There's also a "report" feature, if you want to return some bitching onto others.

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We don't block every score with missing subtests, no need to if it's OBVIOUS that it's valid. In your case you're 15% ahead of the other guy, at the same clocks - and without subtests we can't see what's going on, and then we have no choice but to remove the result. If the one without subtests was the 148xx one, then it probably wouldn't be blocked.


I don't know about the disable post processing stuff as I'm more of a 2D guy, but if you're doing that your score will be blocked again, with or without subtests... :)

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Well knopflerbruce


MY CLOCKS ARE 439/560 the stock for the card is 400/490


HIS CLOCKS ARE 448/500 the stock for the card is 400/900


He benched using a q6600 @ 3816 mhz (4 cores , 4 threads) , i benched using a i7 930 @ 3892 mhz (4 cores , 8 threads)


This is visable in the screen shots Please can some one actually look at the screen shots? I have modded the bios on the card so that the clocks would be locked and that is y my default clock on my card was at 440/560 instead of the stock for the card.


On a side note, i know u love the 2d cos im battleing your opty times on socket 940 :>

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No worries, i got the msg 4 post's back maxi.


Tbh i find it pathetic that you would chose to act this way. Seems's like sweet just wanted more time at the top to me - he has submitted new x800 scores in the past 10 hours.




ps 18.5k score for x800 03 up .... hope thats to your every need.



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what the fuck are you on about, i benched fair and square using a fresh install of everything.


Is my score gonne be deleted daily and some new fancy excuse made up?



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it was fresh install.


Not bugged, also shows all my info that you require the sacred 5th post.


Please just accept its a valid score. I mean for gods sake do u want a video of me doing this overclock to prove im no cheat?


This is getting rediculous now.


19/07 [konsetsu] manual online submission

19/07 [(crew) Massman] impossible score at given settings, possible bug or other (GT2 bugged. Normal score ~ 100FPS)

19/07 [Massman] modified by moderator (Massman) - reason: trigger rankings

Edited by konsetsu
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A/ watch your language.


B/ Get your attitude in line. I am trying to HELP you.


C/ If multiple people in multiple countries say "your run is bugged" do you not think it's possible that they might just be right?



A bugged run is just one of those things. It's not based on tweaks, or cheating.... sometimes a combo of hardware, drivers and O.S. come together and give inappropriate scores.


Thats the way it is. 25000 people on HWBot deal with that fact. So you need to deal with it too.






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A : Im sorry k404 im just made the screen shot like everyone had told me to with the full sub test and now it gets removed again. ( i hope u can understand my fustration)


C : well i was only getin 15k runs until i pencil modded the card, is that a bug in the driver ? or the app? or the os?


Or is me pencil modding the card fine???


I appreciate the help , but honestly feels like a p-take. I've done everything u ask and now im gettin told my runs bugged....


If i was to reinstall from fresh and video this whole build/install/configure/bench would it be accpeted or fobbed off? (only reason i ask is in relation to post 5 in this thread)


Thanks appreciate the HELP

Edited by konsetsu
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Apology accepted :D


If you're going to reinstall the O.S. I think Windows XP would be the safest choice. W7 + 3DMark03 is too often a recipe for trouble on older cards.


When you pencil modded the card, did you measure the voltage increase? Did the voltage increase let you get a higher overclock?

Maybe you're pushing the OC enough that the card is starting to lose stability & misbehave and instead of crashing, it's not rendering the frames properly.... but i'm clutching at straws a little


Alternative is.... it's a really bad co-incidence that the bugging started after you modded the card.




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