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The official GIGABYTE A75 OC Challenge thread.


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Nice, anther AMD challenge.


Looks very good, but I wish than we can use socket AM3 instead of only A75. International shipping yo my country is expensive and I really want enter on this one.


Anyway, good luck to the guys that enter on this, maybe I can find something really cheap for enter.

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3870's are not retail available yet, so the fastest option is the a8 3870. Unless you've got some crazy high bclk on one of the e2 or other lesser models of the A8's.


This is definitely gonna be fun. This platform is a blast. Good thing I have spent the last 2 weeks messing with this platform :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

The problem is that August is an unlucky month... all the shops are closed and I can't but a Giga to enter the comp...

Next week I'll join you guys, but for now I'm forced to study the platform with the Asus mobo and take a look at your results!

BTW, nice Unigine you have Gappo ;)

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From what I can see on this board with all the bios's avail the maxxes we should see are providing retail cpu and locked gpu base clock at 600.


Vantage 7000-7100 ( <-- this bench run back to back 3 times when you get it stable, no clue why but scores get better until after 3rd run )


Heaven roughly 310-315 ( this bench is brutal, doesn't scale much best score done on first run, tesselation off in CCC obviously )


3d11 1870-1900, ( same as vantage, run it back to back )


This is all stuff I tested at 161 bclk at 2500+ ram, 161 seems to be a hard wall for 3d. I would focus on bclk at highest ram possible. Ditch the high cpu speed and tight primary timings, it plays little role here.


Hope this helps.

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Uhm... I worked it out... if you take a look to the error, the suggested url is xxx/ucbench/xxxxx

The url that ucbench website gave me was xxxx/ucbench2011/xxxxx

I checked by removing that "2011" from my submission url and it works!

The Bot accepted my entry flawlessly.

Hope this helps someone with eventually the same issue ;)

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