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Score sharing?


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I am *not happy* to start this thread in here, but I believe in treating weird results with consistency.









If you open both screenshots up in paint or Photoshop and place them on top of each other, most of the windows line up exactly. IMHO, that's not possible unless the scores were both done without a restart, which in turn would suggest it's the same card. The difference in GT1 FPS also suggest one was a clean run and one was dirty.

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Hm, I can't agree with "the windows line up exactly". While the desktop scheme, placement of (different) icons and all CPU-Z/3DMark windows is identical, there are minor, a few pixel small differences regarding the positioning among the windows. From my personal experience I know I have dozens, if not hundreds of screenshots on my HDD which have the same minor differences as you tend to place the windows on the same spot everytime even after a restart, because sooner or later you will find out this or that way there are all necessary windows and there is no crucial data missing. I know we're not talking about a single user but two individuals here, but I think it's more likely you tend to place windows the same way if you're benching together a lot (compared to two random-picked guys, who don't know each other in real life).


I'm not saying these results are fine in every aspect (not willing to evaluate), but for me it is excluded that the screens were done in a row without an inconvenient re-placement of all 3DMark 03/CPU-Z windows (why would you do it that way and not choose a whole different placement, if you wouldn't like to *get caught*?) or a restart as there are the small, a few pixel small differences.

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