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Some of the recent HWB updates


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This is about the "xxx results have changed rank or position in the last 7 days"


"Most active members/teams/components in time period x"




Please can the date peroid be explicitly given for these updates or please can we only be given this news once a week at a set time? To see it change every day "for the last 7 days" is realllllyyyyyy annoying and a bit confusing.


A set of cutoffs would also be nice so we arent being given old data updated with new bits every day :) Is the data overlapping?


or...is there an option for a user to disable the whole lot? :)

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I see your point. It can be changed to show info about a specific timerange (eg week 40) instead of the past 7 days. I don't know whether everyone feels this way so I don't know whether it's worth the change.


Anyway, we are pouring the little spare time we have to build the HWBOT Competition Engine. No time for small changes like this.

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Do like I do. Change the url to load the change for 1 day only. (24 hours) It keeps the data mostly non-overlaping. E-mail updates about changes doesn't work at all for me, and that's the best i've found to replace it.


For a wish I'd like a drop-down meny for searching/tracking my changes. Like 1 day, 2 days, one week, one month etc. Or/and just add a date:time to the listing to show when the result-ranking was last updated.

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