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The official GeIL FFA II Overclocking Challenge thread.

Christian Ney

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count me in for highest 16gb and lowest 1155 mem but not the second stage

32m need good 2600k/2500k witch i never found :S


first stage need 1156 good/normal cpu not easy clocking high 16gb memories

second need good 2500k/2600k cpu or very strong 990/980X with strong IMC can handle high capacity rams @ high freq

third one never tried must be very funny stage

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wanna ask for the stage 3, if I used Geil ram for this stage and submitted, a valid points given.

Later, I submit another better results at the same 3rd stage but using G.skill ram.

Will I still be in the Lucky draw? whereas the earlier result being overtaken by new submission.

If not I submit again for the Geil ram used on 3rd stage...Thanks :)

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i couldnt submit a score for the superpi32m part. always the same issue:

Total memory size should be 4096MB, 8192MB, 12288MB, 16384MB, 20480MB, 24576MB MB. - your submission is incomplete

I've tried it with 8192MB, 8GB, 8192 MB, 8192MB MB. and all under the memory amount ;-)

what could be the problem?

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