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trans am - SSD - 4014 points AS SSD Benchmark

trans am

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Tilt, you me, uncle steve and acorn know I would never cheat.

get over it. quit reporting me for cheating. you are just sour because you are not 1st.

get a grip. wtf is fancy cache? dude just because I beat you doesnt mean i cheated.

get off your high horse. you should be worried about mike, fugger, and paul a.

I hope you can pull a rabbit our of your ass. you are gonna need it. The greeks are screwed, the french are next.

just because the euro is messed up doesnt give u the right to be a jackass. i'd be pissed too my country was the laughing stock of the global economy. but no matter how bad things got I would at least have some dignity and respect.

your pathetic actions to make me look bad are known. You are a laughing matter at this point. I dont know what happened to you but I've talked to many and they all agree. You are a jack$ass! Get off your high horse and get on the jackass instead. You were meant for eachother. jackass!

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WOW awesome score Trans Am! well deserved!


The very low write speeds on the AS SSD tell the story here for those that aren't aware. When using FastPath the write scores are always low, specifically high QD random, and the read scores are much higher. Typically when using Fancycache the write scores will be absolutely ridiculous. So these low write scores, which are typical of fastpath, indicate to the trained eye that this is a legit score.

Probably peak speeds coming off a fresh secure erase and after array initialization. But of course, we are benching right?

Awesome score TA, dude keep up the great work :)

Also, as a final bit of disproving the whole fancycache bullshit, look at the read and write latency of the submission, if he were using that solution these would be at RAM LATENCY....AKA .0007 or in that range. get the google machine going and google AS SSD and Fancycache and you will see the typical latency that is the "tell" for those using caching programs.

this is legit, quit reporting it unless you have proof otherwise, all we have now is an abundance of proof that it is legit. Any true guru would know just by looking that TA just owned this bench and made it his bitch, simple as that!

I think the haters need to watch my boy TA bust it out

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look at ur screen that u post where do i start


4 M4's even on FP my dear friend whitch is 150.000 tops limitation u canot have 2.1GB on 4k random..

having that speed that they r more than factory announced speed its little bit wierd dont u think??

especially without caching involved as u say on ur post.


Direct speaking with Tech department of LSI in Europe they saying to get 300.000 IOPS in 4k random

u need least 12 drives.. we all remember that testing with IT FR the limitation of the HBA (a controller that u can bypass the IR) its 250.000 IOPs with 8 drives.

Now seeing the Crystal mark bench that u post... ok 6.1GB/s on 512B files??? I didnt expect that to approve Computurd :D especially (im saying it again and again) with out Cache system...

now if u think that im wrong by saying that just remember that fancy cache is easy to switch ON and OFF while u r benching that why u dont see high latencies at the end.

But this is not the point to give a guide on Fancy Cache.


ok lets go to basic maths then...

M4 performs on papper 45k 4k random on read right??? right...


ok he is using 4 drives of 64GB each.... whitch means 45x4=180 whitch is 180.000 IOPS @ 4k random...

that is... 720MB/s in 4k random 64Q all this is on perfect conditions that the drive perfoms

what is writen on papper..

now explane to me how in hell it performs 2.1GB/s without cache... with only 4 drives....

ahh btw


the 9260 is the 2108-based MegaRAID controller...


but ok i will say that also my result like posted here is Legit right TransAm and Computurd??


with and without FP


wowow i forgot... it's with 2 drives X25m's.... G2

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