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[Shark OC Team]F.O.G.N.A. - Core 2 E8600 (3.33Ghz) @ 6820MHz - 6820 mhz CPU-Z


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It's not as easy as you think.

First, don't forget that Andre and the rest of OC community (especially German Prime95 guys) have binned E8600s in hundreds and only got this far.

Second, newer versions of CPU-Z are much harder on stability, even in XOC mode, compared to the old ones. In some extreme / isolated cases, I get a 20-25MHz difference in FSB suicide clocks between versions 1.54 and 1.85.

Third, binning E8600s now is bigger pain than it was in the hey day. None of the US / Asian sellers on eBay have the right batches, so you have to look through the private offers that pop up no more often than a few times a year. Theoretically, you could roll the dice and go through a few hundred 2009-2010 chips, which are easy to get and are sometimes quite good (I've had a Q92-something up to 6.8GHz idle). But, you simply won't be able to resell as there is NO demand for 775 dualcores with quadcores (especially Xeons) being so cheap.

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You have some valid points but nowadays you can bench full pot,most of the good E8600 are discovered and kept by different users without them even touching the ln2,maybe only ss or water.

I am hoping one day a 69xx cpu will rise.

Nobody buys even those quad core xeons ,what to do with them in 2018 ?

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I've actually done 69xx (sort of) with your usual blunder of CPU-Z version being a few days too old. I even still have the invalid .cvf files all the way up to 6888.



But, for more than 10 years since that score I have been browsing eBay and German marketplaces on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis, having gone through another 116 chips, and the closest I got is 6770-6780. Luumi has been similarly active and he's also nowhere near 6800. Sure, there are always good chips "out there" since overclockers don't even touch 1% of the CPU population, but given the ever-decreasing sales rates (due to people just scrapping E8600s), it's likely that this 6820 will stand forever.

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