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Way of cooling?


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I'm quite often on the HWbot site and look for different results. I just want to know what you can manage with every CPU or gfx. But IMO it would be even more interesting if you could see what every component was cooled with. So you can imagine what you could probably manage with your water cooled system for example.

So why not obligate to tell what the CPU or gfx was cooled with?


I hope you get the point despite my English.:/



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Ok, maybe obligating would go to far and people it would be too easy to cheat. What about an optional box where you could write what you cooled with, because a lot of people don't write it in the description. Maybe more people would tell what they cooled with. And I think that way it wouldn't be difficult to add the feature without a lot work.:D

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Should there be an option to check labeled "stock" ? And rather than boxes to check, I think a dropdown menu will be more practical.


Lets See:





Chilled Water

Peltier (TEC)

Phase Change

Air Conditioning

Dry Ice

Liquid Nitrogen

Lives in Antarctica


I guess that about covers it.

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