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A new brand will enter the market in 2010 - Avexir BLITZ DDR3 2000 CL9 in the house


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Avexir Blitz DDR3 2000 CL9



I wanted to show you a DDR3 kit from a new DDR manufacturer from Taiwan, called Avexir. I will not go into details regarding the company and the people behind it. It's enough to say that they assured me that their kits are carefully binned and they will be priced very competitive. Also, some master-plan regarding some killer MNH-E based kits got to my ears, but that is something for the future. Right now let's see some BBSE powah.


This puppies knocked on my door a cuple of days ago, so I didn't really have time to test them. However, here are some pics with some sexy looking RAM (I am sure we all recognise the HS) and a litle bit of something I pulled in 5 minutes while speaking on the phone with some friends about Christmas - DDR3 2286 9-9-9-24 1T | 1.75v. Since we all know DDR3 <2300 is for girls, stay tuned for some real testing ;)

















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Nice start man :D

If you post a review of them make sure you switch the sticker on the DIMMs with the one found inside the blister package ;)

I just finished cleaning up my Classified and put some ice cubes in the freezer ( my good CPU needs to be close to 0C to hit any BCLK over 212MHz in dual/triple channel ) and then I'll join the club :D

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CL7 validation - DDR3-2106 @ 7-8-7-21 1T @ 1.75v


But enough validations, now let's get down to some stability testing. As you may know, Elpida BBSE rev B does not scale very good with voltage. The best results for MemTest were done with 1.70 vDDR. You can check out the set-up and the settings used in the table bellow.



Using 1.70 vDDR, 2:12 and CR1, I tried to find the best stable clocks for 7-8-7-21, 8-9-8-24 and 9-9-9-24. Anything over 1.70v would results in MemTest errors. For CL7 tests, I had to lower the vQPI a little bit for the same reason.



Ok, it is very obvious that these are no CL7 wonders, the IC's are just not suited for that kind of use. However, this kit gets some awesome CL8 and CL9 clocks, and I think that DDR3 2233 9-9-9-24 1T @ 1.70v is a very good deal for this price range.



DDR3-1872 @ 7-8-7-21 1T @ 1.70v




DDR3-2100 @ 8-9-8-24 1T @ 1.70v




DDR3-2233 @ 9-9-9-24 1T @ 1.70v


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Disappoiting? It sucks big times!!! I think this kit is very good for low price/loose timings/low volts/very high stable clocks, but it has nothing in common with tight timings. In other words, good for 2k3/2k5/2k6/Vantage/WPrime/daily use, bad for SuperPi. PiFast, etc.

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