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Some very simple score sharing


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Hmmm, it seems this was back when we were having problems uploading results in the office. I can honestly say we (aruffell and I) are not trying to pull as fast one and this is a pure mistake.


We tend to take turns in who uploads results but if I recall as said we were having troubles uploading the results and so both tried. I'm guessing although its clear it did, that both attempts to upload the resulat went through and we didnt pick up on it.


If you want to take one of the submissions down completely then thats fine with us, we want to play fair and this is just an honest mistake.


Any questions, feel free to ask.




Chris - eTeknix

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Hehe things that can happen sometime... but who is legit for the score than? You or your friend?

If I recall I was the one that got that particular clock, but as long as the result is there for the team then I'm happy. The system that its done on is one of our office test benches so not a pint of who the system belongs to as its a work asset :P


Thanks both of the replies,


I put this one back:



Please do not make it happen again

Much appreciated Christian, I'll make sure it doesn't happen again.

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