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problem with cpu socket 370 .... only expert!

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prejudice to all do not understand why I can not rise above 206 MHz bus with no cpu, everything and stable (tested with various cpu)


I clicked on ULTRA but nothing changes, the motherboard used CUSL







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My tusl cannot go over 207mhz fsb wall no matter what is core voltage, cpu, vio voltage and mem. Anyway my cusl can - but higher clocks make really big stress to hdd as pci clocks ran over 50 mhz. Try lowering dma/pio mode for hdd in cmos setup, try higher Vio using jumpers near mem capacitors (short all of them after boot to get >3.9v - in case u short them before system won't boot), try different ram modes and sticks. Frequencies over 200fsb/1300 cpu are "lucky draw" for cB0/cC0 as far as i see it.

Good luck anyway.

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