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Massman member discussion thread.


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everybody points or NOBODY !!



Out of interest just who are you shouting at?


You do know that capitals are considered shouting on the web, no you could not have known that becuse there is no way you would be that rude. Or at least I hope not. :)

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What I need to do to approve my result?


Look at this another one here ...





An orb Validation will be enought?


The 'one' you are showing has a QPI of 500MHz more ...


I need an explanation for your GT2. It's ~ 10% too high for the clocks you are running.

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In the HWBOT Country Cup 2010 rules for stage 2 says:

"- Note: CPU-Z SPD and CPU-Tweaker must be included in the screen shot"


The translation of that sentence into my language gives a difference interpretation that the ones you guys wanted. You wanted to pass the message "Beyond the usual data, should be added CPU-Z SPD and CPU-tweaker in the screen shot". That way, no misunderstanding would arise.


But I'm now following the rules, its ok to block my score and remove one point from our country.

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I just saw the title "Massman member discussion thread. " and thought "wooohoooo here is the place we are all bashing the lil' massi (another time)" but reading a bit what is it actually all about?! don't get the point...if somebody searches me - I am benching my shadyb1tch which seems to have degraded a bit :eek:

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