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Ref 7970 CF voltage problems


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Yay! Another problem that i've got bored of.


Basically.... my GPU voltages hardly ever match up in 3D mode, which means I lose a massive % of my attempted runs. Sometimes the voltages stay in idle mode.


Because of ATI power saving, the "wrong" voltage will move between card 1 and 2.


Is there any way to disable all the powersaving crap and just run full volts and MHz all the time?


I'm using Afterburner.


I do have 1/3 of an idea to try later on, but I don't expect it to work


Has anyone else ran into these problems?

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I can't remember what it called but its I'm the new AB if you set it to 20% it helps with the down clocking



Tried it. Doesn't work for my downclocking. Maybe 20% isn't enough. I thought this power setting helped prevent throttling?

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That's been the only time it had worked for me not sure what drivers they are


But have you tryed different drivers ?


Last time I ran cf I couldn't get them to pass 1100-1150 I hate amd drivers lol

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