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Smoke - Radeon HD 5870 @ 1380/1300MHz - 26976 marks 3DMark Vantage - Performance


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Unfair how? I see many people bench at 1375~1400MHz core?


Unfair because its not retail card yet)

Most of retail cards are 1370 core and below 1300mhz memory

You know that max core clock depends directly on max memory speed

For example when we tested first XFX retail cards all of them could pass 1360-1280 on LN...

And when I try to increase Core clock we can't pass 1360mhz on GPU core and then we go next way 1370-1260/1380-1250/1390-1240

I saw some Asus cards that can't do 1100-1380 on air and can't pass 1350-1300 on LN


I think Lightings can change this situation because they have classified chips and powerful PWM

Cant't wait to receive this card)

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What if the card becomes 'retail' and there are only 50 samples available, only in the USA with no overseas shipment? :)


If it will be I have to many Russian friend who live in US))) they can send me)))

But I don't think so) 275 and 260 lightings were sold succesfully in Russia

Unfortunately not all good samples available in Moscow(((

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You guys are forgetting I said '50'. That means 25 for review, 15 for power user and 10 for sale ;-).


In the upcoming months, there will be a couple of high-end performance product released that will not be widely available for sale, but considered as retail product. You won't be able to actually buy one, but 'reserve' one. I suppose that will also be "unfair"?

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